Oliver St. John

Oliver St John

New Music for the Classical Guitarist

I play various guitars and a few other instruments too, but have a particular love for the classical guitar (so-called). A wooden box with strings and a sound hole. My hands are the tone and volume controls.

I’m currently composing a set of Preludes for the classical or Spanish guitar. The first two numbers are complete, A Minor and E Minor. The next one will probably be in D major.

The Preludes are available for download and performing rights. More information is on my list of available scores below, where you can also preview the first page of music.

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E Minor Prelude for Guitar, Op.1 No.2
Classical / Contemporary
A Minor Prelude for Guitar, Op.1 No.1
Classical / Contemporary


  • 05 March 2015, Article
  • New Music for Classical Guitar
  • A Minor Prelude for Guitar (Opus 1 No. 1) Duration: approximately 5 minutes. When I heard that there might have been 6 Preludes for guitar in the Villa-Lobos set, but the last one was lost, I wanted to write a piece that I could play to follow ...